Morando method


ship code : ship revenue

Learn how to ship revenue in the same way you’ve learned to ship code.

You should be thinking about revenue from day 1

#500 : talk on “Ideal Customer Profile” for startups here

Heavybit Sales Panel video + transcript here

Mitch’s “Sales Wounds” on Medium:

“Morando Method” sales field guide on Kindle here


“Mitch + the Morando Method were instrumental in helping us learn B2B sales. Founders would be lucky to get an opportunity to work with him” - Spenser Skates, co-founder/CEO Amplitude


Open Source Sales Summit @ 500 SF Talk by Mitch Morando on the early days of revenue and how to discover your "Ideal Customer Profile"


In this Heavybit sales panel we discuss when to start hiring, how to comp salespeople, and why data can help build better teams.


Some teams that I’ve worked with………


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